How To Delete Analytics Spam Referral Traffic – Explained By Semalt Expert

Every digital marketer had a hard time when trying to remove referral spam. Referral spam comes about interfering with your Google Analytics data. You end up with website metrics which are either incorrect or do not have consistency in their data flow. Every webmaster should delete referral spam to have some credible information on the website traffic. For instance, Darodar is a common referral traffic source. You can delete referral spam from your Google Analytics information. Most Search Engine Optimization efforts fail due to poor targeting and traffic from organic bots. You can remove referral spam from these domains and networks. There is also a great need to refine the searches you make on your website.

This SEO article provided by Artem Abgarian, a top professional from Semalt, can make your site stay clear of referral spam.

Getting rid of the referral spam

Webmasters can remove referral spam from their website traffic. Google Analytics has a domain to help remove referral spam from their dashboard. Every person operating an e-commerce website should have a Google Analytics account for this purpose. In the admin tab, there is usually a way to block traffic coming from some domains. In this menu, you can exclude all traffic coming from bots and crawlers. In some cases, fake traffic coming from your company internet network can be available. You can exclude such IP addresses which may be targeting these people.

You can avoid some of IPA traffic servers on this menu. Spam traffic which is coming from these sources may contain some malware which can make the entire exercise very difficult to control. There can also be a list of hostnames which may be bringing the unwanted traffic. Deleting these hostnames can make the whole experience lead to a pitfall. Google Analytics has an option of excluding referral spam from hostnames which contain spam.

Increase the web presence

In Search Engine Optimization, domain authority is an essential feature which most webmasters try to execute. Your domain should have authority in its target niche. There are also other numerous techniques which people use to make their domain gain power. Some webmasters may perform techniques such as counter Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your external guest posts can appear as spam on some other website metrics. It is important to increase your website presence in this regard. You can also make a browsing experience of these people productive. A secure website has an easy time climbing up the search engines ladder.


Most digital marketers have the problem of eliminating referral traffic from their Google Analytics metrics. These are fake web visits which seem to originate from domains like Darodar. You can delete referral spam by learning several methods of controlling this traffic. This SEO guideline can help you make a successful e-commerce website, one which is free from this kind of traffic. Webmasters use a close web presence to ensure that their websites stay close to the search engine SERPs. During the SEO process, there is great needed to delete referral spam from the website data.

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